Six reasons to try Coda

Quick Integration

Coda's API usually takes one developer 1-2 days to implement - and we provide sample code in just about every development language.

Less costly than premium-SMS

Already looked at carrier billing (or premium-rate SMS) before and decided it was too expensive? Coda's different.

Bill to 30x more users

Just 10 million people have credit cards in Southeast Asia, compared to 318 million who have mobile accounts.

Continuous pricing

Most telcos with which Coda works enable merchants to file a charge request in any amount - not just a few fixed price points.

High-value pricing

Charge customers up to Rp 1.000.000,00 in Indonesia, S$100 in Singapore and RM 300 in Malaysia.

No chargebacks

If Coda approves a transaction, Coda will pay for that transaction.

Coda works on the web, mobile web and in-app


Our modal window or iframe can help your customers buy on the web in fraction of the time required by any alternative.

Mobile Web

Our mobile web payment page is the logical choice for monetizing content consumed on a mobile device.


Our Android in-app payment SDK can help you monetize your app in many popular distribution platforms.

We're trusted by leading merchants

Get started.